Denver Sunflowers at Sunset

Over the course of several weeks in August, I took repeated trips out to the sunflower fields east of Denver, Colo., to try to capture the best images I could of one of the most beautiful scenes you will see on the Front Range. The sunflower fields … [Read more]

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

Almost a two month absence from blogging and I wasn't even sure if I want to write this. I like blogging, I don't know how much knowledge I impart nor do I know how "engaging" my posts are but they keep getting read so I'm happy about that. Why have … [Read more]

Weekly Roundup 3/4/14

Hello again, welcome to another weekly roundup for last week and looking forward to this week in the realm of photography. Let's get on with it! 2014 Exploring the Light Show - Lone Tree Arts Center I received an e-mail last week that said I had … [Read more]

My Favorite Photo

I guess it comes with the territory being a photographer but I often get asked the question "what is your favorite photo?". Aside from making a smart-ass remark along the lines of "Do you have a favorite child?", I really don't know how to answer … [Read more]

Weekly Roundup 2/24/14

Here is my weekly news and roundup of all things photography, both personal and professional, and what better way than to announce a brand site web site that I'm building. Also, a girls' surreal self-portrait, a re-edit of a past photo of mine, and a … [Read more]